About Escape Rooms

The room escape genre of entertainment has existed in the virtual world for decades, from the cult hit Myst (1993) on Mac OS to the wildly popular Flash game The Crimson Room (2004). In 2007, a Japanese company was the first to turn the video game concept into a live action activity venue; since then, room escape has swept through Asia, Europe, and the United States, attaining wild popularity in New York as recently as 2014.

The premise is simple: You and your team find yourselves in a room, and you have to get out. But it isn’t so easy — you won’t find success until you solve a series of puzzles (visual, aural, kinetic, and more)… and you only have 60 minutes to do it. Those few who escape (only about 25% on average) win eternal glory — and, if they escape exceptionally quickly, a place on our leader board. Those who don’t… well, it stings a little bit to lose, but you’ll have such a good time that you’ll want to come back for more.

Still curious? Let Conan give you the scoop based on his own escape room experience:


Meet the Team


Valerie Moye

Valerie is the Founder and General Manager at Baltimaze. Having long dreamed of starting her own business, Valerie is thrilled to provide an engaging entertainment experience for Baltimore residents and visitors. Previously, Valerie worked as a digital government consultant in DC, a sustainability planner in Chattanooga, and a Peace Corps Volunteer in Peru. As an amateur psychology buff and avid people-watcher, she loves watching teams of friends, colleagues, and especially strangers work together to solve the puzzles at Baltimaze!


Brendon Choi

Brendon is an Operator at Baltimaze in Baltimore. He grew up in Seoul, South Korea and earned BFA in Interdisciplinary Sculpture at Maryland Institute College of Art. Brendon’s love for making interactive sculpture and solving problems helped him appreciate the escape games thoroughly. He also enjoys playing variety of games such as Overwatch, League of Legends, Poker, Chess, Chinese Go and D&D.

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Dayo Fashina

Dayo is an escape room Operator at Baltimaze. He grew up in Silver Spring, MD. Dayo is a business student at the University of Baltimore and a local performance artist. He enjoys live music and watching Films and Television shows. His favorite games include Monopoly, Chess, and Clue.

Merlin Patterson

Merlin is an Operator at Baltimaze in Baltimore. He is also the Senior Product Engineer/Wizard at ClassTracks, an EdTech startup where he architects and builds the software that makes learning vocabulary easy and efficient. He enjoys using the magic of Meteor and React to bring his work and hobbies to life. In 2016, he was nominated for Baltimore Innovation Week's Technologist of the Year award.